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Peace of Mind Service Contract

With a Peace of Mind Service Contract, you'll enjoy peace of Mind knowing your heating system is protected.


Your boiler or furnace will be tuned up regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and to enhance system longevity. When we tune up your heating system, we follow this 11-point checklist:

  1. Check safety timing of the primary control.
  2. Check and clean or replace fuel oil strainers.
  3. Clean and regulate fuel pump.
  4. Clean nozzle assembly.
  5. Vacuum heating appliance and smoke pipe
  6. to chimney, if needed.
  7. Lubricate motors.
  8. Check and replace customer-supplied air
  9. filters.
  10. Seal air leaks around combustion chamber
  11. and venting.
  12. Tune up and adjust oil burner for maximum
  13. efficiency and economy.
  14. Visually inspect oil tank.
  15. Perform combustion efficiency test.

Parts coverage

In addition to a regular tune-up, the PEACE of MIND Plan provides for prompt servicing if a problem develops with your heating system at any time during the year. Edmiston Heating will repair or replace, if necessary, any of the following parts which may become defective during normal use, and will cover all labor charges associated with the items listed below (please see Terms and Conditions).

Water Systems

Warm Air Systems

Aquastat Flo check valves Blast tube Igniters and transformers
Automatic air vent Fuel pump & gasket Blower belt and pulley Limit controls
Back flow valve Igniters and transformers Blower motor (not in combination w/ AC) Nozzle & nozzle adapter
Blast tube Low-water cutoff (for non-steam systems) Blower shaft & bearings Oil filter cartridge
Burner fan Mixing valve Burner fan Porcelains
Burner motor (up to 1/4 hp) Nozzle & nozzle adapter Burner motor (up to 1/4 hp) Primary control
Cad cell kit Oil filter cartridge Cad cell kit Smoke pipe
Circulator/bearing assembly Porcelains Couplings Stack relay
Circulator motor (one only) Pressure-reducing valve Delayed-action valve Thermostat (standard, non-setback)
Couplings Pressuretrol Draft regulator
Delayed action valve Primary control Electrode wiring & clips
Draft regulator Relays Electrodes
Electrode wiring & cips Relief valve (boiler & domestic) Emergency switches
Electrodes Smoke pipe End cone
Emergency switches Thermostat (standard, non-setback) Firomatic valve
End cone Water feeder (for non-steam systems) Fuel pump and gasket
Expansion tank Zone valves & motors
Firomatic valve